The principals at Sound Bridge Acoustic Labs bring a unique perspective to live
sound reinforcement having spent decades in pro audio as well as the high-end
audio, recording studio, and high tech communications industries. Since its
inception in 1996, Sound Bridge’s design goals and system approach have been
founded on the basic premise that the amplified sound preserve and reproduce
the precise acoustic properties of the original source.

Sound Bridge develops state of the art audio technology using advanced tools
including custom computer aided design software, Finite Element Design, 3D
printing, CNC manufacturing, and computer based testing. We also listen to our
products in real world conditions and further refine system performance. At
Sound Bridge Acoustic Labs, we embrace integrated engineering and
manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest level of quality in our products
for years of reliable and trouble free field performance.

Along with our full range of products to address touring and fixed installations,
we provide turnkey service for our clients including system design, site surveys,
custom installation, system tuning, and customer training; we make sure you
and your system will be ready for the show!
Our latest offering is the XYON Advanced Line Array range of products providing
unrivalled fidelity at any volume throughout the listening area with the “Power of
Precision, Science of Sound™”.

XYON Advanced Line Array products feature Sound Bridge’s signature QUAD-ONE™ active wave guide technology enabling very high system efficiency with industry leading dynamic range for more headroom: Typical XYON rigs use HALF the number of boxes to generate the same SPL and coverage with lower distortion as compared with traditional line array systems

• Less boxes offers affordable high-end performance
• Less boxes greatly enhance line of site to the stage
• Less boxes means reduced set-up/strike times (and with less people)
• Less amplification required - further reducing system cost

Proprietary Q-Drive™ broadband planar wave guides and WaveShaper™
technology enable exemplary system impulse response with highly controlled and
uniform polar performance and long throw

o Extremely compact footprint with minimal weight
o Intuitive rigging and flyware ensuring a secure and flexible platform for touring
and permanent installations
o Full range of products voiced the same for a true “Tool Kit” approach with mini,
compact, medium, and large format line array cabinets and subwoofers featuring
identical EXO drivers with Q-Drive™ broadband planar wave guides and WaveShaper™ technology

QUAD-ONE™ active wave guide technology in concert with Q-Drive™ and WaveShaper™
technology offer exceptional dynamics and transient response with well controlled broadband
polar performance resulting in high fidelity sound. Regardless of SPL levels and type of music,
XYON™ systems produce dynamic sound that conveys emotion (with subtle detail) that is
more natural and less processed as compared to traditional “PA sound”. Vocals, acoustic and
electronic instruments, and percussion sound crisp and clear while mixes never sound
“crowded” or “muddy”.

At Sound Bridge, we are steadfastly dedicated to our partner ecosystem that includes our
customer base and suppliers. Our most valued assets are our customers and we pride
ourselves on industry leading support that is highly personalized and available 24 hours a day,
365 days a year! Our clients’ satisfaction is paramount to us and you can have confidence in
our products and support – we even offer a no hassle FIVE YEAR warranty - our customers can
rest assured they will enjoy the full value of their investment with a Sound Bridge system.