The 7108XY is a small-format line array system designed for a wide variety of permanently-installed and live sound reinforcement applications. Like its larger-format XYON™ Series brethren, the 7108XY utilizes advanced technology to attain the highest performance levels.

The 7108XY module was designed in response to market demands for an extremely high-output and highly accurate, yet ultra-compact line array element. Derived from the larger 7208XY mid-sized element, the 7108XY shares many characteristics of the XYON™ Series. The key differentiator being the use of a single high-output, direct-radiating LF driver.

At the center of the XYON™ Series systems is the use of a Neodymium Mid/HF EXO driver on a patented Q-Drive™ WaveShaper™ . One device, which excels at eliminating crossover and phase/time anomalies, reproduces all frequencies from critical vocal intelligibility range up through upper-harmonics and to top of the frequency band. This feature, combined with exceptional transient response, results in a high fidelity vocal and upper-mid response that sounds more natural than the traditional “PA sound”. Vocals, acoustic instruments and snare drums are crisp and clear and mixes never sound “crowded” or “muddy”.

Elements are configurable for flown, as well as ground-stack applications. All models are wired for biamp operation, and optional triamp configuration with LF pass-through is available. In 2-way wiring configurations, it is possible to power four modules using just one power amplifier. Recommended amp and cabling configurations are available, as well as DSP processor settings for many commonly used system controllers. XYON™ Space Shape prediction and control software is available to calculate optimum array angles for precise energy placement in audience areas. Additionally, GLL data is available for use with EASE Focus modeling software.

The 7108XY is recommended to be used with companion 7000 Series Subwoofers, such as the 7118SWX-F or the 7218SWX. 7108XY modules may be flown under 7118SWX-F Subwoofers.

- Houses of Worship
- Clubs/Lounges
- Small Theaters/Performance Venues
- Corporate Rental Houses
- Live/Concert Sound


Horizontal Dispersion: Interchangeable 80-degrees or 120-degrees
Vertical Dispersion: 10-degrees (1 unit)

Frequency Response: 80Hz –to- 22kHz, +/-3dB

Max SPL: 128.7dB SPL (1 unit), 140.7dB (4 units)

LF Drive Unit(s): (1) Neodymium 8” Cone
LF: Sensitivity: 100dB 1w/1m
LF Power Handling: 200w (AES), 800w (Peak)
LF Impedance: 16-Ohms

HF Drive Unit(s): (1) Neodymium MF/HF EXO
HF Sensitivity: 118dB 1w/1m
HF Power Handling: 250w (AES), 1000w (Peak)
HF Impedance: 16-Ohms

Cabinet Construction: 18mm 13-Ply Baltic Birch, High Tensile UHMW Composite
Cabinet Finish:  Tour-Grade DuracoatTM
Hardware: XYON™ Z-MAX modular rigging system
Connections:  (2) Neutrik NL-4 Speakon

Dimensions (Imperial): 8.75” x 26.75” x 20.25”
Dimensions (Metric): 22.2cm x 68cm x 51.4cm
Weight: 65lbs (29.5kgs)

Available Accessories: FB-7108 Touring Fly Bar, DL-7108 Dolly Board, CV-7108 Padded Transport Cover